Will Recruitment Reports Speak?

Most of the time we tend to let the data go away from us. Daily recruitment reports are not to be done for the sake of doing. It is not the end process of day to day activities instead it is the beginning of the non portal hiring methods.

10 Useful Tips to Avoid Candidate "No Show"

Many recruiters think that due to the talent war in the industry, they are losing their candidates to the competitors. But the reality is totally different. Only few percentage of the candidates are high jacked by the competitors. There are several reasons why a candidate decide not to appear for the interview (No Show) till the last minute. Here are few points that emphasize the need of Best Hiring Practices to avoid “No Show”.

Use message before calling – Use SMS, WhatsApp kind of technology to check if the candidate can take your call at this working hours. Don’t give a cold call to the candidate. In a day, they might be receiving several calls from various recruiters. Calling at the wrong time of the candidate should be avoided.

Match dreams – Before sharing the opportunity with the candidate, always ask their vision, plans of their next job. Co relate their dreams with your present opportunity and then share the same at their available time.

Need for Candidate Engagement Programs in the Organization.

We spend so much of money on the employee engagement and insist employees to feel happy when they are at work. But we never think about a prospective employee who is yet to take up the interview with us. I would say that job seekers are the prime brand ambassadors of any company that treats them well at the time of their entire interview process. They are the one who can easily influence the passive candidates to apply for our opportunity if we treat them well. Similarly, they can also be a spoil spot to confuse the prospective candidate when they aren’t happy with the hiring process. Easily they can bad mouth on any company through the social media and digital platform. Time to create a prospective employee engagement program that will attract the future talents of our organization. So, wisely invest on the candidate engagement program that will reduce your expenses of employee engagement programs and at the same time ROI will be high.

Here are few tips for the organization to follow the best practices in hiring;

Complete Website – Always have a complete and updated website that speak volumes about your start, present clients, pipeline prospects, products or services. Candidate who lands in your website should get motivated to work for your company.

Do you want Candidates to Commit your Openings?

Authored by Mr. Mahesh Kumar Binani
Deputy Manager - Talent Management

Listen , Listen, Listen: 
Are you hearing? This does not help my dear friend. Are you reading and not understanding, sorry you are not helping yourself. Just listen, listen , (read and understand). By the time you have finished this, your brain might have given you solutions to most of his pain.
What is his decision-making criteria and start responding : so you have done the above points with full sincerity. Now you know what he needs and what can you offer. If the matching is above 70 %, start mapping and responding.

Map his pain points to the opening you are proposing him:
If you have done the above points …..  you will know how you can show him that you have solutions to his pains. But first be sure that you have REALLY understood his pains. If you have few of his pains, that can’t be addressed immediately, accept it and never commit on solutions in near future. At times the pains can be completely emotional that he may be having with his peers / team and seniors. In that case, better not to discuss it. Yes be little ‘consultant’ here and you can say that it is two way system and can be fine-tuned  after he is on boarded.

Contest for HR Students

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Contest Details (Choose one or more criteria)
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       Write a case study on the gaps in the HR industry and provide a solution to it.

HR Professionals to become a Career Designer

Chennai's Sriperumbudur region HR professionals gathered for a stupendous knowledge sharing session on the topic "Career Design for the HR Professionals". The event was organized by the Society for Human and Allied Resource Professional is popularly known as SHARP on 16th July 2015 at Hotel Sunshine, Nazarathpet in the Chennai - Bangalore Highway. The veteran HR professional, Indian Businessman and Politician Mr. K Pandiarajan of Ma Foi Management Group took the floor to his complete control by delivering an excellent speech about the changing trends in the industry. He gave several examples on how an idea changed his life as a HR into a successful businessman.

Career Design for HR Professionals by Mr. Ma Foi Pandiarajan

Society for Human and Allied Resource Professional is popularly known as SHARP among the HR community members in the Chennai Sriperumbudur region. The motive of the forum is to promote diffusion of useful knowledge in the area of Human Resource in the factories located in and around Sriperumbudur. For last five years they have established network of Human Resource professionals belonging to this area with a view to identify and address problems of Human Resource development and management. organized several training programs for education, skill up-gradation/development and seminars and symposium on contemporary issues relating to Human Resource.

SHARP is coming up with its 54th monthly meeting on the topic "Career Design for the HR Professionals" by Mr. Pandiarajan, MD and CEO of Ma Foi Strategic Consultants Pvt Ltd, Chennai on 16th July 2015 (Thursday) at 5.45 pm. Invitation of this event is given below and all the HR Professionals are invited

Best Hiring Practices for organization growth

What do you mean by Best Hiring Practices?
It is the standard operation method of work done by the recruitment department from the Job Description initiation till candidate onboarding is called as Best Hiring Practices.
Why should an organization implement and follow Best Hiring Practices?
1. To strengthen the internal recruitment process
2. Attract more talents from the market.
3. Achieve targets on time.
4. Manage better profit and less loss / Bring more revenue into the organization.
5. Improve the capability of the resources and the organization.
6. Get rewarded by the clients and the management.

Every organization should have a branding strategy for hiring

Employer Branding in Hiring
Employer Branding is fundamentally a Marketing Strategy applied to Human Resources. Just as companies do marketing and communication activities to attract and retain high value clients, at the same time communication and marketing strategies can be realized in order to attract and retain high value people for own business performances.
The demand for skilled, specialist, value-adding employees is increasing dramatically.  Consequently, the need for strategies to attract and retain staff has never been more pressing. Cultivating an employer brand is one approach to secure and retain the most sought after employees; those who will enable them to perpetuate their brand success and secure ongoing profitability.

Recruitment Audit for Successful Business

What is Recruitment Process Audit?
A Recruitment Process Audit is an unbiased examination and evaluation of systems and processes of an organization in order to demonstrate whether they are in compliance with a standard.

What are the benefits of using this audit?
1. Analyse and understand the organization's growth in terms of Recruitment department.
2. Identify the gaps, issues and flaws in the recruitment department and suggest better growth opportunities.
3. Assess the efficiency, quality and functions of the hiring system.
4. Find the capabilities of the resources incolved in the system.
5. Uncover fradulent and illegal activities in the recruitment system and help the department to function smoothly.
6. Suggestions to become a profitable business player in the market.

HR as an advocate for the organization's growth

Is HR a Management person or an employee person?
HR Professionals advocate in best interests of the employees and management. They empower employees in the best ways possible in synchronization with the management objectives. As the role is more to do with bridging the gap between the management members and employees, hence HR cannot be part of one particular party. An HR person advocates for the organization’s growth by bringing both parties to common grounds and so they are positive intermediaries.

Instant Relief vs Permanent Relief

A doctor asks the patient, "Do you need a permanent recovery or instant relief?". Patient chooses the permanent recovery.

A builder asks the house owner, "Do you need a house to be built for temporary or permanent?". House owner chooses to build a house for life time.

God asks the human being, "Do you want to live for short time or long time?". The human being chooses to live 100 years.

The shop owner asks the consumer, "Do you need your consumer goods to work for short time or long time?". The consumer chooses to have a long term goods.

But in recruitment it is weird to know that the recruiting companies choose instant relief and not a permanent solution.

Process Makers or Process Blockers?

People think that recruitment is a static and monotonous activity. But in real, it is as dynamic as any other industry. In last one decade, recruitment industry has introduced several products and services to help the recruitment fraternity. It has shown several dimensions like ATS, Assessment, Analytics, Gamification etc. But unfortunately takers are very less in India.

Recruitment is a process by which the recruiters finds and attracts the right talents for their organization. The process begins at the time of initiating the Job Description and ends when the candidate on boards. So every step in the recruitment life cycle is very much important. One cannot skip / ignore few steps and achieve the goal. In recent past, recruitment industry is moving towards only one sourcing method in India. Recruiters / Recruitment Managers provides more weight-age to the sourcing channels alone. Hence, the next generation of recruiters grow blind on the other aspects of recruitment. Recruiters have started believing that only sourcing channels are called as recruitment.

Analytics, the Next Big Thing in Recruitment

"Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance. Analytics often favors data visualization to communicate insight."

Recruiters are trained to create a 2D format of the report management system which is quite time consuming and monotonous. The XL Sheet does provide the complete activities of the recruitment activities of the organization. But the question here is the efficiency and the data retrieving capability of that format. Big Data has always been an issue to the human minds. Not every one are expert on handling such things in our day to today affairs. 

Are we really happy with our job?

What do you feel when you see yourself everyday in front the mirror? Are you happy, satisfied, OK or unhappy on your achievements in life and career?

A recent survey says that more than 55% of the Indians are happy with their Jobs. Indian workers are among the most satisfied with their jobs globally, and nearly one in five Indians like their jobs so much that they would even work for free, says a survey.

According to a survey by online career and recruitment solutions provider Monster Worldwide and Gfk, an independent global market research company, over half of Indian workers (55 per cent) love or like their jobs a lot, placing India at third position in international happiness ranking, behind Canada (64 per cent) and the Netherlands (57 per cent).